30 years ago, started doing business By using the name “Boon Mee Antique” from Father to Son version Which is located at Ban Tawai, Chiang Mai Province And has changed to be a juristic person By using the abbreviation BMA, which stands for “Boonmee Antique” and has added the word “Rate” to “BMA Decorate Co., Ltd.” Home decoration products With raw materials from the main “wood” starting from products in their own communities And bringing modern materials and natural materials To combine to create new products and more To present to consumers in the market Including accepting the production or ordering according to the consumer In addition, there is also the design of their products to offer as an alternative.


The company will be a leader in lifestyle by focusing on developing handicraft products. Quality home furnishings with unique styles that are unique. Have variety Along with creating satisfaction In order to fulfill and enhance the lifestyle of customers or consumers to be more complete in all dimensions


Products (Products)
Products selected from good quality wood Products sold within the store are products that meet the standards of community products (CMU), with the efficiency to use quite appropriately. There are many patterns. Beautiful style So that customers can choose products that are pleasing and in demand Of the most customers.

Price (price)
The price of the products of the shop The shop will sell at a reasonable price. Because the products that the shop sells Will produce itself and some parts from the factory directly Therefore can be sold at a reasonable price​.

Place (place)
The location of the shop is located in Ban Tawai, a famous tourist destination in Chiang Mai.
Warehouse The shop has a large warehouse. Able to support many ordered products.

Promotion (promotion)
Promotion The shop will have periodic promotions, such as a 20-50% discount, etc. There are some giveaway giveaway sometimes.
    Using sales staff The shop will provide sales staff to help introduce products to interested customers.

บริษัท บี.เอ็ม.เอ. เดคอร์เรท จำกัด

90 Moo 2 Baan Tawai, Hang Dong, Chiangmai, Thailand 50230
Office: 66-(0)53-433074 Fax Press 14
Mobile: 66-(0)81-882-4882

E-mail: bmadecorate@gmail.com